There is still a significant measles outbreak burden in many countries throughout the world.  Therefore, overseas travelers should make sure they are fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks before their trip. The CDC has outlined specific MMR vaccination guidelines  for international travelers.

Brooklyn Outbreak

Recently, In light of the recent measles outbreak in Brooklyn, many of our patients have asked about vaccinating for measles before 12 months of age. By doing so, patients would be employing an accelerated measles vaccination schedule. We believe that this is a valid question and agree that it makes sense to apply this more aggressive schedule in the appropriate setting. Call us today or use Klara to set up an appointment.

MMR Vaccinations

If you would like to discuss the MMR vaccination schedule with regards to your own child, please give us a call.  Also, we understand that there is a lot of news about the recent outbreak and it can be nerve-racking. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or are confused by all the information out there.