Premier Pediatrics has partnered with some of New York City’s top medical, educational, and community providers to offer a unique “network approach” to pediatric medicine. First, we listen to the concerns and needs of our patients and their families. Next, we apply our skills as seasoned physicians to develop a sound evidence-based medical plan. Finally, we manage the plan as it unfolds beyond the exam room. Whether this means a follow-up visit, finding the right specialist, or a call to make sure that a family is not overwhelmed, we are dedicated to being there from start to finish.

Beyond clinical care, Premier Pediatrics has used this network approach to create unique programs to enhance your family’s experience at the practice.

  • For expectant parents, we offer complimentary prenatal visits and access to lactation essentials.
  • For our newest parents, we offer our BornPremier program which includes the most comprehensive breastfeeding support in NYC.
  • Premier families with infants have access to unique workshops such as quarterly infant sleep sessions hosted by Julie Wright, a co-author of “The Happy Sleeper.”
  • Premier Pediatric families with children of all ages have access to resources and community events such as our fun and easy recipe page devoted to helping patients and families find balance in our video driven world.
  • Premier Pediatric patients with ADHD benefit from in-house behavioral and medical management as well as referrals to educational, mental health, and community partners.
  • For our adolescent patients, we designed The Zipline to provide 1:1 access between teens and their doctors, medical management of adolescent mental health challenges, and educational forums for adolescents and their parents on topics from sexual health to sports medicine.

Underlying all our programs is the promise to continue to practice exceptional evidence based medicine that has kept Premier Pediatrics at the forefront of NYC pediatric care for the past 40 years.