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Whether you call it breastfeeding, chestfeeding, nursing or bodyfeeding, the team at Premier Pediatrics wants to give you the best possible support and information to help you meet your goals.

For years, breastfeeding has been practiced in silos. Your pediatrician gives you advice, your doula gives conflicting advice, and your lactation consultant has a third approach. The differences in direction can be annoying when you are a vulnerable new parent and sleep-deprived.

Premier Pediatrics, we have made it a mission to partner with all our community colleagues and work as your team to help you breastfeed successfully. In addition, we have in-house lactation consultants and partner with community colleagues. To get you started, we are proud to introduce lactation essentials, a primer on breastfeeding, by Meema Spadola, a renowned Brooklyn doula who has been helping new parents for over 20 years.

Additional Resources

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