Dosing Chart

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all pediatric medication dosing be done in milliliters (ml) and not teaspoons to avoid dosing errors. Syringes, droppers, and medicine cups are the most accurate dispensing devices and are available at local pharmacies.

The following chart is based on your child’s weight, and not age.

Childrens Benadryl Dosing Chart – every 6-8 hours

WeightDose12.5 mg/5ml12.5 mg25 mg tablet
<=15 lb3 mg1.25 mln/an/a
16–19 lbs6 mg2.5 mln/an/a
20–25 lbs9 mg3.75 mln/an/a
26–30 lbs12.5 mg5 ml1 tabn/a
31–35 lbs15 mg6.25 ml1 tabn/a
36–40 lbs18 mg7.5 ml1 1/2 tabn/a
41–49 lbs21 mg8.75 ml1 3/4 tabn/a
50–69 lbs25 mg10 ml2 tab1 tab
70–79 lbs32 mg12.5 ml2 1/2 tab1 1/2 tab
80–89 lbs37.5 mg15 ml3 tab1 1/2 tab
>100 lbs50 mg20 ml4 tab2 tab

Infant/Childrens Tylenol Dosing Chart – every 4-6 hours

WeightDose160 mg/5 mlSuppositoryTablet
6–12 lbs40 mg1.25 mln/an/a
13–17 lbs80 mg2.5 ml1/2 supn/a
18–23 lbs120 mg3.75 ml1 supn/a
24–35 lbs160 mg5 ml1 1/2 supn/a
36–47 lbs240 mg7.5 ml2 supn/a
48–59 lbs320 mg10 ml2 sup1 tab
60–71 lbs400 mg12.5 mln/a1 tab
72–95 lbs480 mg15 mln/a1 1/2 tab
> 95 lbs640 mg20 mln/a2 tab

Childrens Motrin/Advil Dosing Chart – every 6-8 hours (older than 6 months)

12–15 lb50 mg1.25 ml2.5 mln/an/a
16–20 lbs75 mg1.875 ml3.75 mln/an/a
21–30 lbs100 mg2.5 ml5 ml1 chewn/a
31–40 lbs150 mgn/a7.5 ml1 1/2 chewn/a
41–50 lbs200 mgn/a10 ml2 chew1 tab
51–60 lbs250 mgn/a12.5 ml2 1/2 chew1 tab
61–70 lbs300 mgn/a15 ml3 chew1 tab
71–80 lbs350 mgn/a17.5 ml3 1/2 chew1 tab
>80 lbs400 mgn/a20 ml4 chew2 tab