Fifteen-Month Visit

At fifteen months old, this is a remarkable age when a child realizes that sounds have meaning and starts employing words instead of gestures or tears. To help him along, try to be consistent and articulate in your speech and encourage him when he chooses to use words.

All babies develop at different rates. Do not be discouraged or worried if your child has not achieved the following milestones by 15 months.

At this age, your child should:

  • Explore everything
  • Begin to use objects appropriately (comb through hair) and mimics activity
  • Pick up objects from standing position
  • Add gestures to speech
  • Learn cause-effect relationship (repeats enjoyable actions)
  • Look for hidden objects in last place seen

At this visit your child will receive the varicella (chicken pox) and Hepatitis A vaccines. If the season is appropriate, your child may also receive the Influenza vaccine.