When you are ready to challenge your baby to become an independent sleeper, we highly recommend The Sleep Wave strategy outlined in “The Happy Sleeper.” Unlike other strategies, the sleep wave never allows babies to become anxious or abandoned. Instead, they stay in a state of protest until they realize they can fall asleep (or back asleep) without assistance.

It is important to have a consistent sleep routine by around three months. Young infants can recognize patterns at this young age. Parents often use singing, feeding, and rocking with success as they establish their unique routines. For example, baby massage is a wonderful addition to any sleep routine. The tactile sensation is comforting and reassuring to a young baby.

Parents of young babies often focus on nap length when trying to establish healthy daytime sleep. But, paradoxically, the wake window drives successful daytime rest. Don’t sweat it if your baby’s naps are 30 minutes or 2 hours but always try to keep your wake windows under 90 minutes.