A parent of a 6 month old asked, how can I stimulate development at this age?  We wanted to pass on a highlight from this visit that all parents of older infants can enjoy. One of the most remarkable things about 6 months is the ability for infants to start to “think across the midline” and use both sides of the body in a coordinated fashion. Watch your baby play and you will start to see him use the left hand to touch the right foot. You will also see him reach for a ball in the midline. Pretty cool! A great way to cultivate this emerging trait is through reading. If you think about the act of reading is all about the midline. Put your 6 month old in your lap with a nice thick textured book. He or she will enjoy holding the book and manipulating it with both hands.  At this point, it is not about actually reading. Rather, your little one might enjoy exploring textured pages or eating the book. They will also take comfort and become super relaxed sitting in your lap hearing your familiar voice as you read. It is really quite a delicious moment in development.

Curious how reading evolves with age? Please check out our YouTube page, Melina Gac Levin joined Dr. Sarnoff for an excellent session on reading with a toddler.