Nurturing Healthy Sleep Habits: The Comprehensive Infant Sleep Program

At Premier Pediatrics, we take infant sleep and parent sleep seriously. We begin to talk about sleep during the first few visits and continue until your baby is sleeping through the night. Our first step is always to listen and develop a plan that works for your family. Two strategies we commonly utilize are “the soothing ladder” and “the sleep wave”. These techniques, developed by the team at The Happy Sleeper, are consistent with our general practice philosophy–that kids are born with the capacity to do great things and it is our responsibility to put them in situations to succeed.

Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep

Infant Sleep Cycles

Infants have distinct sleep cycles different from adults. Our program explores these cycles, helping you grasp the natural changes your baby undergoes during sleep and how to handle them effortlessly.

Newborn Sleep Patterns

Understanding newborn sleep patterns can be challenging for parents. Our program equips you with the knowledge to recognize your baby’s sleep cues and create a nurturing sleep environment that promotes better rest.

The Journey to Sound Sleep

Building Healthy Sleep Habits for Your Baby

At the heart of our program is the belief in establishing healthy sleep habits early on. We provide practical tips and strategies to create consistent sleep routines that encourage better sleep quality for your infant.

Introducing the Soothing Ladder

Drawing from the expertise of The Happy Sleeper, our program incorporates the gentle “Soothing Ladder” technique. This approach focuses on soothing your baby during bedtime and naptime, fostering a calm and secure sleep environment.

Personalized Sleep Plans

Listening to Your Needs

We prioritize effective communication to understand your specific sleep goals, ensuring our program aligns with your family’s unique circumstances and preferences.

Tailored Solutions for Your Baby

Our experienced pediatricians develop personalized sleep plans, considering your baby’s individual sleep patterns and needs. From nap transitions to sleep regressions, our program addresses every challenge with care.

Join Our Complimentary Infant Workshop

Expert Guidance from The Happy Sleeper

Discover invaluable insights at our quarterly infant workshop with Julie Wright, one of The Happy Sleeper’s authors. Explore effective sleep strategies and get answers to your sleep-related questions.

Prioritizing Your Baby’s Well-being

In our Infant Sleep Program, we prioritize fostering healthy sleep habits vital to your baby’s growth. From unique infant sleep cycles to soothing routines, we ensure a nurturing sleep environment.

Join the Journey to Sound Sleep

Join our complimentary infant workshop for expert guidance and lay the best foundation for lifelong healthy sleep habits. Trust Premier Pediatrics with your little one’s well-being.

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