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We want to make sure you are organized and ready for your child’s well visit. At each visit, we will review your baby’s feeding, sleeping, elimination and development. We will also teach you about developmental milestones you can look forward to in the coming months.
If this is your child’s first visit, please take a moment to read Preparing For Your Child’s First Well Visit.


Pre-Natal Visit

This visit provides an opportunity to meet one of our physicians and tour our practice.  Most expectant parents schedule the visit during the early days of the third trimester.  Please take a moment to read through “preparing for the pre-natal visit” on the Premier Bookshelf.  Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Newborn Visit

Congratulations and welcome to this amazing journey.  We are honored that you have chosen Premier Pediatrics.  At this visit, we will review your babies birth experience, conduct a thorough newborn exam, and make sure you are prepared for your first month of parenthood.

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Five Week Visit

Please take a moment to congratulate yourself on getting through the first 5 weeks of parenthood.  At your appointment, we introduce tummy time and show you how your baby’s weight, length, and head are progressing.  We will also take a moment to make sure you are feeling healthy as well.


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Two Month Visit

Around 2 months, your baby will flash you a real smile and start to show some real head control! At this visit, we start to track your baby’s develop with a standardized screen and discuss strategies to encourage further development. We will also lay out the road map for our vaccination schedule.

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Four Month Visit

Now it really gets fun! By now, your baby is probably smiling at you and expecting you to smile back. This is a proud visit as your child continues to amaze you with new developmental achievements. We will continue to discuss ways to stimulate your baby’s continued development. We will also develop a strategy to help you raise a healthy eater and sleeper.

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Six Month Visit

Your six month is probably close to sitting and starting to use familiar sounds to get your attention.  Now that your little explorer is one step away from crawling, it is important to discuss how to keep your home safe.   We also reinforce our sleep strategy and discuss ways to spruce up the baby diet.


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Nine Month Visit

At nine months, your baby will have developed the skills and the interest to handle a variety of foods. Get excited to challenge your little one with different tastes, textures, and temperatures. We hope this is the beginning of a long love affair with the foods of New York City. Please consult the book shelf for other topics we will cover at the 9 month visit.

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Twelve Month Visit

Congratulations on your child’s first birthday. Can you believe how far your baby has come! At this visit, we will discuss different ways to help turn those baby sounds into words. We will also review some child proofing tips as your baby becomes a toddler.

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Fifteen Month Visit

This is a remarkable age when a child realizes that sounds have meaning and start to employ words instead of gestures or tears. To help him along, try to be consistent and articulate in your speech and encourage him when he chooses to use words.


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Eighteen Month Visit

This visit heralds the age of symbolic play. We recommend you engage your child in whatever area he chooses. Never underestimate the power of play. Through play, your child is learning social skills, language skills, and problem solving.

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Two Year Visit

Now that you have a little toddler running wild without a fear in the world, it is essential to turn up your parenting radar. Recently, there has been a huge spike in playground accidents due to parental cell phone use. Please be mindful when deciding between a non-urgent text and tracking your child on the playground.

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Four Year Visit

By this age, kids have begun to develop some basic executive function skills. To really bring this out, challenge your child with multi-step commands that force him to think a few steps ahead. For example, ask him to get ready for bed without specifying the steps. This will serve your little student well as he learns to manage his cubby and negotiate his classroom.


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School Aged Visit

The school age visit marks a significant shift in the tenor of the well visit. Kids have a new level of confidence and are active and often willing participants. During these early school years, we focus on the challenges that school can bring and discuss strategies to limit screen time.

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Adolescent Visit

At this visit, we make it clear that we are your child’s doctor and his or her advocate. We often conduct these visits without a parent in the exam room and address many of the emotional and physical issues specific to this age. We often let the patient lead the discussion in order to cover all of the concerns and questions your child might have.

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