The First Month: Premier Pediatrics’ Perinatal Program for a Smooth Transition to Parenthood

Why Choose The First Month?

The First Month is a premier program offered by Premier Pediatrics to help ease the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Our philosophy is simple: we listen to each family’s unique journey and develop a plan that feels right for them. To create unique plans for each family, we have built a remarkable team and partnered with the best perinatal experts in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Infant Feeding Support

One of the highlights of The First Month program is our approach to infant feeding. Dr. Julie Capiola, one of our leading physicians, is a certified lactation consultant who oversees our feeding program. Our team ensures that new families who choose to breastfeed receive accurate and consistent advice from external providers. We provide them with Lactation Essentials, a remarkable primer by Meema Spadola, and establish a comprehensive breastfeeding team based on their goals, which includes our physicians, in-house lactation consultants, and may include an ENT, postpartum doula, or craniosacral specialist.

For families who choose to formula feed, we make sure they have all the information they need to make a comfortable choice. We have partnered with Dr. Bridget Young at the University of Rochester, a remarkable resource in the field. Her website, Baby Formula Expert, is one of the most comprehensive formula resources around.

Group Prenatal and Introduction to the First Month

Our complimentary monthly session, Group Prenatal and Introduction to the First Month, provides expectant parents with more information on Premier Pediatrics and our unique perinatal program. We wish you the best of luck and smooth sailing as you embark on this new journey of parenthood.