As pediatricians, we realize that a large part of our job is to counsel parents on the myriad of parenting challenges that come with raising a child.  At Premier, we set out to create a platform that allows new parents to share their questions without the time constraints of an office visit and an environment that fosters dialogue between our patients. 

In February 2021, we are proud to introduce two monthly zoom sessions on infant sleep and breastfeeding. The Sleep zoom will be hosted by Dr. Sarnoff of Premier Pediatrics and Julie Wright or Heather Turgeon of The Happy Sleeper.   The session will tackle all areas of infant sleep from learning how to self-soothe to mastering to sleeping through the night.      

The Breastfeeding sessions will be hosted by Julie Capiola of Premier Pediatrics.  She is a pediatrician, a mother of three, and a lactation consultant and offers a unique perspective and expertise on the breastfeeding experience.   Each session is unique as the conversation is driven by our participants’ questions.  Often, the best suggestions come from participants who might have found a creative new york solution to the challenge at hand.