Premier Pediatrics has a wonderful network of pediatric specialists and therapists who are both friends and colleagues.   We have invited these experts to join us for Instagram discussions on a variety of pediatric topics.  We have collected these sessions on this webpage so that everyone can enjoy their wisdom and clinical pearls.  Please feel free to let us know if there are any other topics you would like us to cover.  (A quick apology for any audiovisual glitches you may note in some of the videos.  Over the next year we will be redoing a number of these videos now that we have figured out the technical side of things!)

We will continue to add new videos to this library as they are produced. Please follow our instagram page at premierpedsny to be notified of upcoming live sessions.


Wellness Series – “What if we had an hour to do our wellness visit?”  In this series, we will take the time to give the most thorough answers we can to all the questions that we encounter at our wellness visits. It is an opportunity to really dig into these topics without the limitations of time or a baby that might need to feed!  Starting in 2021, Drs. Capiola and Dr. Sarnoff will hold one IG live a month starting with the Prenatal visit.   

  • Prenatal – coming in Jan 
  • Newborn – coming in Feb 
  • 5 week – coming in March 


Sleep Series –  At Premier Pediatrics, we pride ourselves on helping parents and their babies master sleep.  In 2020, we joined forces with a number of experts to provide a comprehensive introduction to infant sleep.   



Development Series – During the pandemic, we invited a number of our favorite therapists to help us promote infant and toddler speech, gross motor, and fine motor development during the age of social distancing.  These sessions focus on helping parents of young children foster  development while challenged with small spaces and limited face-to-face interaction.   


Solo Sessions – During these sessions, we invite experts in a pediatric field and ask them all of our questions!   These are wonderful and entertaining sessions filled with pearls from our guest’s years of training and clinical experience.