Prenatal Visit

This visit provides an opportunity to meet one of our physicians and tour our practice. Most expectant parents schedule the visit during the early days of the third trimester. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you soon!

How should we contact Premier Pediatrics after the delivery?

If you deliver at New York University, please let your Obstetrician know that you have chosen our practice and that we will attend to your baby during the post-natal hospital stay. If you deliver at an outside hospital, just call the office and schedule your first appointment. Be sure to check out the Premier resources below.

How can I access other Premier resources relevant to my child?

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Premier Instagram Live:
Infant CPR

Recommended Reading:
1) Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality – this is an excellent practical book about the early days with your baby by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
2) The American Academy of Pediatrics – Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 – this is the definitive book about raising a young child written by the AAP.

When should we schedule our first appointment?

The first visit is within 2-3 days of leaving the hospital. We are available to check infants sooner for various conditions such as jaundice or feeding issues.

Do you need to choose a specific physician?

We consider your child a patient of the practice. If you do have a strong preference for a particular provider, we will accommodate your request for well visits but not for emergency visits.


What is your policy for weekend coverage?

We do not have official weekend office hours. The office can be opened on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays to accommodate children with an urgent medical concern.

What should we do in case of an emergency?

If you feel your child is having a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911. If your child is having symptoms that cannot wait until the following day, please call us at any time and the physician on-call will be paged.

What is the current American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendation on banking of cord blood?

Please click here for the most recent AAP position on cord blood banking.