Sleeping Habits

Last Tuesday, Natalie Barnett PhD, a sleep expert from Seven Oaks Sleep, joined a number of Premier parents to talk about establishing excellent sleeping habits. I would like to share a number of simple but powerful themes that kept coming up during the discussion.  First, sleep habits are not established before 4 months.  During the first few months, create routines that make your life easier and make your baby as comfortable as possible.  We recommend keeping your child in your bedroom during this time. This decreases the risk of SIDS and it makes nighttime feeding easier.  Second, when you start to teach your baby to sleep independently, focus on the beginning of the evening.  Once your baby can put himself to sleep, he can apply these skills to put himself back to sleep overnight and during naps.   Third, create a strategy that suits you and your partner’s parenting style and works with your baby’s disposition.   If your child has a stubborn disposition, you may have to be a bit more rigid.  If your child has a mellower disposition, you can be more flexible when your baby starts to fuss.   If you have any specific questions or are struggling with your baby’s sleep, feel free to give us a call in the office or reach out to Natalie at sevenoakssleep.com.