A Father’s Day Gift From the Heart, Robert Kaufman Day Gift From the Heart, Robert Kaufman

Being a father in today’s world can mean many things. There are the traditional roles of provider, protector, teacher and fixer of all. And, thanks to the more enlightened views of roles for both moms and dads, fathers today are feeling freer and are encouraged to nurture, console and guide our families in areas of the heart as well as the mind. Hurray for for the modern dad!

The demands heaped on fathers often means that there is little time for themselves to selfishly feed their soul so that they have the strength, creativity and emotional resources to be that force and rock we all look up to.

Of course the same plight on moms is well documented. Yes moms are super taxed and we all appreciate the incredible energy that moms expend to meet the needs of family, work and their own heart and mind. But since we are talking about Father’s Day, let’s focus on dad and how we can show him how much he means to us and how much we respect his gifts.

Since many dads tend to do for others first, let’s take that concept and turn it around by giving first to dad. Plan a day, a true gift from the heart, that will let dad’s own gifts shine and will put a smile on everyone’s face.

First, make a list of things the dad in your life loves to do and who he likes to do them with. Is it to read alone, play a round of golf with friends, be active with the kids or just relax on the couch and watch sports or a movie with the whole family. Does he like fancy restaurants or to show off his skills on the grill. Does he like to be playful or productive around the house or does he like to experience outdoor adventures like hiking, camping or canoeing. Whatever you choose, plan a day that will show him you know what he likes and plan to share that time with him.

I love to go to the gym by myself, go bike riding with my son, share an outdoor meal and end the night with a movie on the couch with my family. You might notice a few things here. There is some alone time. There is time to teach and play with my child. There is family mealtime in a peaceful setting and quiet time all together at home. Let’s not forget the intimate time with your significant other, which is always a great way to celebrate being a dad and a man.

When planning your day I would also suggest checking out some of the new internet sites like Vimbly or many others that will give you great ideas for local activities. There are even sites for getting things done like Taskrabbit or Fiverr, if you want to surprise dad with nearly any task, chore or creative surprise.

So set up a great day and surprise dad with a wonderful gift. Remember Father’s Day is where we get to say thank you and give to him all that he gives us.

Robert Kaufman is a 25 year veteran of the technology and finance industries. He and his brother Craig are the founders of Papa911, a blog for dads and of Memoriis.com, a private and secure family cloud storage and sharing service for documents, photos and videos. Robert lives in NYC, is a grateful son and a proud father of a 9 year old boy.