At Premier Pediatrics, we are re-thinking the entire teen and young adult visit for our patients 13-21. We have set out to create a free-standing adolescent medical clinic that welcomes your child to a new medical home. We have partnered with wonderful adolescent specialists to design a holistic and comprehensive approach to address the medical issues and mental health challenges that are so prevalent during these years.

Take a look at how we break down this new approach in 5 guiding principles: 

A)  The Intake…Prior to each wellness visit, patients will fill out a detailed intake form with full confidentiality. This form will serve two purposes.  First, it will screen for mental health and substance abuse risk factors that we can address with professionals in our program.  Second, the intake  will provide us with a unique profile of each patient.   With this information in hand,  we can seemlessly guide each patient to individuals or groups within the program  to address these needs.


B) The Zipline…
Approximately 20% of adolescents suffer from some form of anxiety or depression.  There are many reasons why most of these patients do not seek care.  We have sought to identify the hurdles to care and eliminate them.  The zipline is a program we have designed that allows us to identify patients in need of counseling and get them to the care they need locally and with minimum cost.


C)  Sacred Space…
We have created an office that is designed to both welcome and empower adolescent patients.  Parents will be involved in care as appropriate but the actual office will be for adolescents only. We want them to feel free to express themselves with their care team. As their advocates, we can solidify this important relationship between patient:clinician in this safe space.


D) Gender Sensitive Language
Everyone involved in the care within our office will be trained in gender sensitivity.  Our office will be designed to welcome all patients. Our goal is to use gender neutral language for all patients and to use specific pronouns for every single adolescent.


E) Comprehensive Medical Care…
Our physicians will provide the same up to date and complete comprehensive adolescent medical care that your pre-adolescent enjoyed at Premier Pediatrics.  This will include their annual wellness visits, pre-participation sports physicals, and adolescent screens and vaccines.   And we will implement a more indepth screen covering mental health, social history, sexual history, and much more. The goal is uncover the many facets of adolescent health and provide appropriate resources to support each patient’s individual needs.


The Team 

Aditi Patel – Program Director
Rachel Goldstein – Gender Identity Care
Fara Jones – Mental Health Care
Rachel Lotus – Group Services
Jon Sarnoff – Managing Director
Carla Weiss – Outreach Director
Meghan Gorman – Program Manager  

If you have any questions about the project we are developing, please reach out at…

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